The below table details all games which may be present in your store. There are two key dates which you need to be mindful of: 

  • “End Activation Date” – The date after which you can no longer activate a particular scratch card book. You should never sell scratch cards from unactivated books. These books must be returned to The National Lottery.
  • “End of Sale Date” – The date after which you are no longer permitted to sell a specific scratch card to a customer.

Lottery end dates 15.08.17Full Pack Returns process

  • If you have full packs of scratch cards unsold after an end activation date, a National Lottery Security Officer will phone you directly.
  • The Security officer will first confirm that you have the stock on your premises.
  • The security officer will void the scratch cards.
  • You will be sent a returns pack,
  • You place the scratch card books into the returns pack and post back to the National Lottery through any Post Office.
  • The returns process is completely free.

Re-ordering of stock

  • There is an automatic re-ordering service in place for National Lottery Scratch Cards. So, you should receive stock periodically when your stocks fall below a certain level.
  • However, if you are low on scratch card stock you can order additional booklets directly from The National Lottery. Please phone 1800 22 66 88 to place one off orders.
  • If The National Lottery receive your order before 4.30pm the stock will arrive in your store the next working day.